I have windows 7 64 bit, CIS premium 5.9.21 and have an Ipad 2 (operating system ver 5.0.1). I would like to know the following:

  1. is trustconnect free?
  2. How does it protect my ipad 2 if I do not have my laptop with me at all. I go to the library and use there public wifi internet service. I then go to itunes and download stuff. Therefore how does trustconnect protect me.

Please clarify in detail. Thanks


There are two versions of TrustConnect.

There is the free version with a 10 GB monthly limit: .

There is a paid service with bigger monthly allowances: WiFi Security | Wi-Fi Protection to Secure Your Wireless Network .

It will most likely support your iPad. You may want to check this topic for reference.

Notice that when you have free TC it is currently not integrated in CIS 5.9.

CTC will protect you when you are connecting through an secured wireless access point or one with WEP encryption (which is hacked in 10 minutes with the proper tool). It protects because TC will connect to Comodo proxy servers with encryption. That will help overcome the absence of encryption at the wifi hotspot.