TrustConnect through Corporate Proxy


All our internet (HTTP & HTTPS) connections are via a proxy server. How do I connect using TC in this situation?



If you use Windows client, you should do next steps:

  1. Change TrustConnect target (command) line:
  • right click on ‘TrustConnect’ icon → ‘Properties’ → ‘Shortcut’
  • add to target string: --allow_proxy 1
    “C:\Program Files\Comodo\TrustConnect\bin\TrustConnect.exe” --allow_proxy 1
  1. Start TrustConnect client

  2. Set your proxy settings:

  • right click on ‘TrustConnect’ tray icon → ‘Proxy Settings’
  • select ‘Manual Configuration’ and set your proxy settings, for example: HTTP proxy, Address:, Port: 3128
  1. Connect to TrustConnect

If you use Linux/Unix or MacOsX client, you should only add the http-proxy directive to the client configuration file. For example:
http-proxy 3128

If you use iPhone/iPod client, you should set your proxy settings on the VPN settings: ‘Setting’ -­> ’ General’ -­> ‘Network’ -­> ‘VPN’ -­> ‘Settings’ → ‘Proxy’