I am Comodo customer, and I cant setup Comodo TrustConnect. On finishing of setup, when I need to start (launch) that appears "“Unable to execute file:…/Comodo/TrustConnect/bin/TrustConnect.exe
CreateProcess failed; code 740. The requested operation requires elevation.” Please answer as soon as possible, thanks.

Hello and Welcome to the forums,

Can you tell me which OS/version/language you are running and are you using a “normal” user account or are you “administrator” ?

If on vista have you tried to start the shortcut with the right mouse option “Run as Administrator” ?

Thank you for your time. I am using VISTA and where to click to “run as administrator”?

The shortcut you normally use to start TrustConnect, you can right click on it and in the context-menu there should be an option “Run As Administrator”.

Thanks a lot (:CLP)

I assume it’s working :SMLR
No problem