trustconnect on two computers.

What happened? Yesterday I installed trustconnect (TC) on my wired desktop, then the wireless laptop, both connected OK. Today I started the wired desktop and then TC was connected up. Then started the laptop, and TC was started. Now the desktop has no TC connection and will not connect. Question, should both wired and wireless have TC connected? Even more bizarre, the task tray icons are both the same, yet desktop icon has grayed disconnect and the laptop has grayed connect.

TrustConnect only allows one connection with one TrustConnect account.
If you are connected with your laptop, the desktop will not connect at the same time.
If you disconnect TrustConnect on your laptop, desktop should be able to connect.

Thanks iseletsk, I found that shutting down the wireless laptop did enable the desktop to reconnect. Can I assume that I will have the TC protection on the desktop wired unit while the wireless laptop has the TC connection? I appreciate any help in understanding this security program.

Are you using your desktop as a wireless gateway for laptop?

vesemir, desktop is wired to gateway/router. Laptop is wireless. I think from the indications that the laptop has the TC connection the desktop is also protected, both task tray icons indicate connected.

In that case only one of your PCs will be TC protected at a time, not both (despite task tray indicators).
TC protects one computer only, not entire network.

Thanks vesemir, I followed the link provided by vadka and found the desktop is not protected.
"You may check your IP address after log in to TrustConnect:
You should see one of these addreses (our servers):

If it’s true you are successfully connected to TrustConnect and your traffic goes via VPN tunnel."