Trustconnect on iphone, ipod

I tried to set my trustconnect on my iphone but it doesn’t seem to be working. The status went from connecting to starting and then just disconnecting. I don’t think my account has been setup properly. Submit a support ticket is useless and take very long for the reply anyway

Please, make sure that you enter your correct TrustConnect Service Login and Service Password, which you can find in your account details here: Comodo Account Management | Login or Create a new Account
Please, verify that your login and password don’t contain symbols in upper case and special chars.

Pay attention that you should use the access server that corresponds to your account: if you have the paid subscription, you should use one of the following servers:,, ; if you have the free subscription, you should use only

Further, do you have a proxy in your network? If not, select “Off” in “Proxy” section in VPN settings of your iPad/iPhone. If there’s a proxy, click “Manual” and enter server, port and authentication parameters, if needed.

Also please note that iPad/iPhone uses PPTP protocol to connect to TrustConnect. This protocol can be disabled by some providers.

I am sure that i have done the same as the document. I have tried to connect to I am sure that i entered the right password because i copied and pasted straight from my account. It’s still work with my vpn account on other provider. When i was using VPN from other provider, the status will go from connecting, starting and then authenticating. If i entered the wrong password, it would show as authentication failed. But with comodo the status just went from starting to disconecting, no authentication. I think there is something wrong here.

Comodo TrustConnect has three access servers:, and Please, try to connect to different servers.

I am not an idiot. I have actually tried 4 of them

Nobody called you an idiot… The act of troubleshooting comprises of ruling out variables one by one.

To analyze the situation, we need your TrustConnect Service Login. Please, send it to me in Personal Messages or contact the support.

I’m sorry. i will send you my Service login :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same problem.
I was connected once after my first time sat it up on my iphone.
But I can’t connect again after that, it always shows “connecting => starting => disconnect”
Please help me to solve the problem, thanks!

I also have the same issue with trustconnect on my iphone 3gs…It connects and disconnect…

I cannot seems to be able to connect using my iphone, ipod or ipad.

Computer wise is okay.