TrustConnect network traffic

What does it mean that Comodo have to pay for network traffic with TrustConnect? Is it that traffic is rerouted thru comodo servers like a proxy? The post i read that from was last July. Is there a free version now.

There is currently no free version. It costs COMODO money to provide the VPN service that users get from TrustConnect.

“Comodo TrustConnect is a secure internet proxy service that creates an encrypted session when users are accesssing the Internet over public wireless connections. Since these wireless sessions can be relatively easily intercepted, they present a significant data vulnerability gap for businesses and consumers alike. TrustConnect is designed to eliminate these types of data hijacks by preventing criminals from attacking or scanning your system from the local network that you are using to connect to the Internet. It also encrypts all of your traffic destined for the Internet (including Web site addresses, instant messaging conversations, personal information, plain text usernames and passwords and other important information.) After connecting to the service, the TrustConnect software will indicate that traffic is being encrypted as it leaves your system. Data thieves and hackers cannot ‘sniff’ or intercept your data - they can’t even determine where your information is coming from because, as you are connecting to the internet through a SSL secured VPN connection to the TrustConnect servers, your requests appear to come from our IP address. Ordinarily, cyber criminals could easily intercept these broadcasts.”