TrustConnect - Is anybody there?

I have used TrustConnect for the last month and have been quite happy with it, until now. I am trying to renew my contract and keep getting the same:

We’re sorry, but something went wrong.
We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly

error message after I’ve clicked to ‘confirm’ my order.

This has been going on for days and is particularly inconvenient as I rely on a VPN to do my job (Research from an ‘internet restricted’ country).

I have sent a report via the ticket method on this forum and I have also tried emailing sales. I have received nothing but automated replies!
I have even tried creating a new account, but still the same result!

Does anyone know what’s happening at Comodo? Is everyone away on their summer break?
Is anyone familiar with my problem and could do TrustConnect admin’s job for them by giving me some help or advice?

Did you provide your account details to Comodo Support? You may see it on your Comodo account page:
Comodo Account Management | Login or Create a new Account

There you may also see information about your orders. Probably your paid period finished.


Thanks for your reply.

I hadn’t given any details to support (I now have), but also, it’s been several days and they haven’t asked for any.

“…Probably your paid period finished.”

Well, yes. (Not wanting to appear rude) That’s why I’m trying to renew my order.

I’m wondering if their is somekind of problem between Comodo and PayPal. I’ve tried creating a new account using completely different detials (a friends) and still the same problem. The only thing in common has been the payment method. The error occurs upon ‘order confirmation’. When I should be logging on to the PayPal site, I get the ‘There has been a problem…’ message.

Well, this problem has existed for the best part of a week now (that I’m aware of) and still no fix!

I notice that the product line-up/pricing is changing at moment, but still none of them are actually available to me.

The only response that I’ve had to my emails, tickets and forum posts is from dear ‘vadim’ (above), but even he seems to have lost interest!

Who else can I try? Does anyone have some suggestions or contact details?

I’ve forwarded your request to Comodo Support. They are working on this issue, it’s seems like some issue with a payment through PayPal. So, please wait they response.

I can recommend you temporarily use Free TrustConnect. You may sign up it here using new account (not a existing user):

Thank you for the reply and detail forwarding vadim.

It seems that I have no choice but to continue to wait for either a fix or a response by ‘Comodo Support’.

Your suggestion of using the free trial service is a good one, but unfortunately I’ve never been able to get this to work. Whenever I try to create a new account (as a new user) I have never been able to see a ‘free trial’ option. Only the usual pay options are listed!

There is a completely free version of TrustConnect service. You may subscribe to it if you use a link that Vadim has given to you in upper post.
However, free version has some limitations compared to full or trial version. See details here: TrustConnect Windows Client Configuration Guide

Thank you for updating the link vadim (it’s the first time that I’ve seen that page, despite having looked for it before!) and thank you for the ‘heads-up’, on the restrictions, dlimonov.

I am now using the free version. (It’s not everything that I need, but it’s a darn site better than nothing.)

I just hope that ‘support’ can get the payment issues sorted soon.

Thanks again guys. :-TU