TrustConnect in CIS Pro

My first post here, so firstly I want to salute you all and congratulate the Comodo team for the great product: CIS.

I have some questions related to TrustConnect :

On Comodo website it says that you get TrustConnect in the Comodo Internet Security PRO package, so I’m asking you all how will the customers install TrustConnect? When purchasing CIS PRO, will they receive in the e-mail message a link that will allow them to download Comodo TrustConnect for free?

And why is TrustConnect still offered as a separate product for $49 when you can get it for free in the CIS Pro package that cost $39?

Thank you all.

Welcome to the forums, Michael!

I am not sure how this works, It’s a “service” So I am sure there is something to do with an online thing.

That’s part of the neat deal!! :slight_smile: So you can tell COMODO really cares about end users & a trusted internet. :slight_smile: