TrustConnect for the wireless home user

I have had a wireless DSL connection for my home laptop, running Windows XP Home, through my local telephone company, CenturyTel, for the past five months. I have a Comodo firewall and Comodo anti-virus installed, as well as BoClean and SuperAdBlocker. The laptop never travels to a public Wi-Fi spot. It always stays at home, although it is set up to use public Wi-Fi spots if I would want to.

Would TrustConnect make this laptop more secure and if so, how?

Would my ISP CenturyTel know I am using TrustConnect? What would they see with my use?

A related question:

CenturyTel and other ISPs have been accused of thinking of monitoring their customers Internet surfing in order to sell information for ad targeting purposes. Is there any software that blocks this snooping behavior? Would TrustConnect block ISP snooping in any way?

Thanks for helping!

Yes! TrustConnect will block snooping of your internet habbits… The only parties who know your internet habbits are you and Comodo… (:WIN)

Hey dreheard,

It is a very valuable service, pretty cheap! You can read about it more here for info:

Best off all you can choose to pay yearly, monthly etc :slight_smile:

I do understand that if I used TrustConnect all Internet surfing and email goes encrypted through your servers to its final destination, such as Google or Yahoo or The Guardian for the best in local and international news. But where does my ISP see my Internet surfing going? Always directly to Comodo? To some make up place? To a great blank void? Do they think I am no longer using my computer? Thanks again for helping me and others understand this a little better.


You’re ISP will still recognize you. You will be visible to them off course but it’s only encryption. It’s not meant to block your ISP. You will still be “Internet” provided from them. Comodo is just protecting you.


I don’t think that my question was quite answered, but it is difficult to frame from a non tech to a tech person. In general, I think that people who find their way to your web site are very concerned about computer security, whatever their level of computer know-how. That concern extends to the effect their actions have on the larger community. In any case, I will try the month or year option with the seven day trial period. I say it again as I said on other posts in another forum, I am trusting Comodo because I trust Kevin and his BoClean, which I have used practically since he invented it. If you are good enough for him, you very likely are good enough for me. Thanks again for helping.

I may be wrong, but I figure your ISP would just see you are connected to Comodo’s server… and since the connection is encrypted, it wouldn’t know anything about what are you doing with that connection… and of course, since Comodo’s server is “outside” your ISP network, the ISP can’t watch what does Comodo…

I hope this answers your question, but keep in mind I can be wrong about the subject (but I don’t think so, or I would not have replied at all).

I’m interested in the same question,i’m a home user,and the usb key never goes out…is it like Jabbit says?
and will i be prompted for purchase by the end of 30-day trial?or will it be sort of “automatic” if i don’t specify “i don’t want to use it anymore”?

edit:i’ve read better the 30day trial part,and now it’s ok…i’m testing trust connect,but man,it’s soooo slow.
I’m italian,and testing with speedtest the speed is awful,using both reccomended american server and italian server…is this normal?
In my connection client (vodafone) i have option to use VPN software…should i select Trustconnect to improve speed in some way?