TrustConnect DNS Settings

I just recently discovered the free version of TC! :comodorocks: I travel (not as often as I’d like) and it allows me to do things like online banking, etc, while I’m away from my secure home network, so the 10Gb/mo is more than perfect!

Anyway, I use OpenDNS and after some elaborate troubleshooting, I’ve discovered that TrustConnect does not work if I set the DNS IP for the TAP-Win32 adapter to the OpenDNS servers. TC will connect, but I cannot browse the Internet.

Is there any specific DNS IP I can use instead of just using the DNS “automatic” settings?


When did you set the DNS IP for the TAP-Win32 adapter to the OpenDNS servers? During active TrustConnect connection or before?

Did it before an active connection and even a did a full reboot before trying to get on (old Win95 habits die hard 88) ).

Hello, I’ve tested TrustConnect with OpenDNS servers in Windows XP Pro and in Windows 7 Home Premium (32 bit) . It works! See attached screenshot.

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This is strange. I’m running Win 7 Pro 32-bit with the same settings.
Chrome is the only browser that gives me an error for the problem -it cannot resolve the domain name (obviously DNS).

Attached is a screenshot of the Chrome error.

When TC is enabled, it’s trying to resolve to

Could it be because I’m using the FREE version?

I am able to connect okay, I just can’t browse the Internet.

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I’ve tested the paid version of TrustConnect… :slight_smile:

You can’t use OpenDNS servers with a Free TrustConnect service. Free service does not allow certain protocols to be used.
See more here: TrustConnect Windows Client Configuration Guide