Trust vendor in alert (part 2)

Once it was asked to add such feature into CIS:

Then this feature appeared in Defense+ but… only for users of Sandbox :-\

Please add such feature for users of Defense+ with Sanbox permanently turned off.

Hey there :slight_smile:

I don’t know how private firewall is but the process monitor reminds me of D+. If I am not wrong process monitor is the HIPS of privatefirewall. In other words Privatefirewall is not just a firewall but as Online armor and comodo firewall.

Valentin N



This would go nicely together with a TVL which has nothing selected by default (other than Microsoft and Comodo as far a I am concerned). This would allow people to add Companies to the TVL on the fly.

thanx for supporting this FR


There are still many improvements that can be made to the alert windows.
Add this good idea to the list!