trust connect port usage, open, closed, stealth.. compatiable with?

i am useing trust connect with online armor free edition firewall. ports icmp ping are open to response. also 22 is open, 443 is open, and 1723 is open… most other ports are closed instead of stealthed. huuummm?? but when i disconnect from trust connect and just use my firewall im fully stealthed!! i use a dial up land line dureing this connection, no wifi… i only use it for encryption and extra defense… but however im puzzled as to why i am so vulnerable under its usage with my firewall aslo running full steam… i tried several firewall tests and all fail when trust connect is on… but i do remain encrypted it seems… i go back try again when its off, and im okay. anybody have any clue whats up? thanks


After TC has established connection noone can see your computer because it becomes “masqueraded”.
This also means no direct connections can be made to your PC in any way.
Firewall tests actually scan our access server (to which TC client connects to),
not yours so don’t worry about this.