Trust Connect is cutting wireless connections....!

Well, well…Comodo has reached an all time LOW with their nagging “trust connect” offer…it appears that Comodo has stooped to “cyber-bullying”…by cutting my wireless connection !!..…I just re-installed my entire program, and when I tried to apply the software for my wireless connection, I got the trust connect nag screen, …and then when I chose to remain unsecured, my connection was cut repeatedly…. When I finally removed Comodo Internet Security, and opted for the stand-alone firewall, thinking the disconnection would stop, it happened AGAIN…!..…The final solution was to uninstall Comodo ALL THE WAY with Revo Uninstaller….Result: My wireless connection came right on, after uninstalling Comodo….!! Comodo, I loved your products,…but, first it was the Geek feature claiming that we needed it to remove some existing malware, (a LIE concocted by Comodo)…and now this trust connect issue…….at $100.00 a year,….no wonder they are cutting people’s connections!!! Again, this is an undeniable ALL TIME LOW for Comodo….SHAME ON YOU, COMODO, SHAME ON YOU……!!!

this is NOT the behaviour of the product.

there must be something wrong with installation.

please reinstall.

if not, we are here to help.


Now, saying it wasn’t the behavior of the program, is like saying “it didn’t happen”…Melih, I love your product, but there are some very shady goings-on here…You tell me to reinstall…I reinstalled 5 times…twice with CIS, and once with your standalone firewall…every time that I reinstalled, my wireless connection was cut…after the TRUST CONNECT NAG SCREEN…period! When I COMPLETELY REMOVED Comodo, my wireless connection was activated…Why are you telling me that it’s NOT the behavior of the product…(COMODO)???

Its not the behaviour that has been coded. Code is NOT designed to do what you are saying.

I am not saying you are not facing this issue.

that is why I said, there must be something wrong somewhere and offered to investigate it so that we can resolve it.



Please reinstall the program following the methods described here.

If, after reinstalling, the problem still remains then post a bug report here. Just be sure to follow the correct format.


OK, Chiron…The installation procedure that you sent me to did not include NOT ANSWERING TRUST CONNECT’S NAG SCREEN upon installation, and then unticking the boxes in firewall beavior…(Show Trustconnect alerts for unsecured wireless networks) and (Show Trustconnect alerts from public networks)…And isn’t it odd that everything is running smoothly, now?? Comodo 5.9 is excellent, Melih, without nag screens from Geekbuddy, OR Trustconnect…I always keep in mind what killed Avira free, and they are still doing it…1st to install their toolbar, and from then on, popup nags “reminding” us of full protection in Avira premium…Advertising is fine and dandy, but NOT while I am installing, etc. I had rather have emails sent to me, explaining the benefits of the 2 add-ons, (Geekbuddy, OR Trustconnect) than to have all that junk in my face…!..Other than that no complaints, thanks for the help, but I had to figure it out on my own. You have a winner in Comodo 5.9…running smoothly in the background, taking care of business…That’s ALL I need to know…!

glad to hear that 5.9 is up and running smoothly for you. we are always here to help.