TrueCrypt vs. Comodo Time Machine - CTM


CTM is NOT compatible with installed TrueCrypt and you have system partition encrypted due to MBR incompatibility.

CTM could be not compatible with installed TrueCrypt if you have other partitions encrypted.

CTM is compatible with TrueCrypt portable if you use only container encryption (not partitions).

Well, at least, this is my personal experience.

I have NEVER installed Truecrypt and, I have only extracted it as portable version.

I do NOT have C:/windows/system32/drivers/truecrypt.sys and I have NEVER installed Truecrypt, yet CTM still complains that it cannot install because I have Truecrypt installed.

I DO NOT have a partition encrypted with Truecrypt either. TC only creates a virtual drive (portable drive) if I run it, but even when I had TC not running and even though truecrypt.exe was not in memory, CTM still complained I had TC installed.

So CTM must have browsed through my C:/Program Files folder and saw TC inside there and decided it’s installed, when in fact it’s never been installed and not even running.

Will COMODO fix this detection error in CTM v3.0?

We havent heard anything about the bug fixes in CTM 3. its not even released yet

What I meant was that I hope the COMODO team are aware of my post and can keep it in mind when developing v3 :P0l

Best thing to do would be submit it as a bug in Bug Reports - CTM.

Can someone please submit it on my behalf?

Since you are the one encountering the problem, you are the one that needs to create a bug report.

I don’t use CTM any more. I kept having problems with it on Windows 7. Seemed fine on Windows XP though. I think it kept telling me it had ran out of disk space even though there were a high percentage of space free. I can’t remember TBH.

Did you say that you have a TrueCrypt folder in C:/Program Files and you have never installed TrueCrypt? If so, how did the TrueCrypt folder get there?

When you run the initial Truecrypt program it gives you an ability to EXTRACT only and not install. So that’s what I did, I manually created a Truecrypt folder in C:/Program Files and then I manually extracted the Truecrypt files into that folder.

So Truecrypt is NOT installed, it’s just been extracted into C:/Program Files/Truecrypt folder that I manually created.

So CTM must browse through my C: drive and find the C:/Program Files folder where the Truecrypt files are in and falsely conclude that Truecrypt is installed when it’s NEVER been installed.

I hope CTM team are aware of this.