TrueConnect / EasyVPN

I need some information.
I’m new to this so bear with me!
But let me state some things I know or think I know.

I have True Connect.
It is primarily for my laptop when I travel.
As I understand it, all traffic (DNS queries etc.) is encrypted and sent to Comodo.
Comodo de-crypts it and gets the information (if I am browsing).
Comodo encrypts and sends me the information.
My ISP knows nothing of the contents or the IP addresses I’ve visited.
Comodo, however, since they de-crypted does know this.
Is the above true?
I have also installed EasyVPN and have a few questions.
My goal is to I want to be able to browse anonymously and chat anonymously, that is, I don’t want my chat sessions or my browsing habits to be known to anyone that feels like intercepting my traffic.
I assume you have to install the software on a friend’s machine if you want to chat or conduct remote sessions?
Does Comodo have to de-crypt anything in order to retrieve web information or handle a chat session?
What is the band width?
Why is this better than looking for an SSH provider?
Can I use TrueConnect and EasyVPN at the same time?
What that be overkill or simply redundant?