"True transparency" comodo firewall


just noticed that when the nice tool TrueTransparency is running on XP you will get problems with Comodo Firewall GUI.

For the reason that I have no clue how to get rid of those problems I ask you whether someone knows how to deal with that.

the problem is that you can use the close buttons etc. of the GUI cause TT wants to alter them due to its nature and Comodo does not like that.

I tried to add TT as an exception into the Comodo Group of the Defense+ but do not know if that is ok so :slight_smile:


I noticed this too. There is also a problem with Windows blinds, some of the screens in Comodo Firewall get really messed up. So far I have not found a solution for it. At the moment I have just stopped using both TT and WB.

There is no problem at all with Windowblinds and Comodo. I have been using WB for years. Be sure you have the latest version of WB and Comodo. Also you dont need to exclude Comodo in WindowBlinds.

Hmm, thats strange I have the latest versions of both softwear. Maybe its something to do with the configuration on my system or it may be somethign else that is conflicting with both programes. Its no great problem to me anyway as I have stopped using WB now and just swiyched to using Visual Styles instead. :slight_smile:

in TrueTransparencys folder is an exception file but though I edited it there were no changes, effects. So, I might have done it wrong :slight_smile:

I am posting this problem here because I hoped to get to know how I can shelter Comodos Gui from changes made by TT or other ‘theme’ tools.


Usually the option is controlled from these theme programs rather than CFP 3 (in the past CFP 3 has fixed it). So as V stated, the latest versions of both should’ve fixed. You may have to reboot to apply whatever change you made.