Troublesome recurring alert re: lanakzap.dll

Everytime Outlook does a send receive I get the same error message about explorer “loading lanakzap.dll into CasProc.exe using a global hook which could be used by keyloggers to steal private information.” It happens every time, twice on each POP3 copy I am linked to. The first time it says “E-mail processing application is trying to act as a server with the remote listing IP: listen port 2566 - UDP” and then another saying “E-Mail Processing Application is rying to connect to the Internet” with TCP/IP info

I have told it to allow this, and asked it to remember my answer for this application. I have also allowed it using the"Allow" radio button under “Show Libraries.” And it does remember, it just takes 10-15 seconds for the pop-ups to go away. It is very irritating and why am I getting a pop-up in the first place?

Any suggestions?

Hello, and welcome to the forums.

I am assuming that you are using the last official release, version This version did have some issues with reoccuring popups. Some of the later beta’s have addressed this, and will certainly be addressed in the official 2.3 release due August 24th.