Troubleshooting the Utorrent/p2p tutorial

I had carefully gone through (I thought) the Comodo setup tutorial for using a p2p program. It is for utorrent but I have changed to Tixati.

I went through the tutorial with the printed form in front of me so as not to make errors.

The upshot of where I am now is: I followed the tutorial and everything seemed ok until I loaded the Tixati program. Everything was zeros.

What went wrong?

The tutorial is located here:;msg500592#

My own reply here.

Can someone respond to this question:

If the setup of the Comodo firewall goes badly, is there a way to re-establish the default settings or must the program be removed and installed new?

ok. I’ll do the import and other operations first. Will report back when I have that done-- I have to change out a HD.

I have tried the more> import command you have shown. But I don’t understand what has opened up.

It shows a folder name for which I made a rule but no content and so no import can be made.

I may have dodged the bullet on lack of access to that program since it seems to be going on the drive where I made the modifications/rule changes.

But here’s what I want to do:

How do I get back to the screens where the settings were made? This seems pretty obvious but the
firewall info is pretty long. A review of the operations contained in that utorrent setup is what I wish to do.

In these operations I deleted one duplicate entry where it looks like I did the same thing twice.

That brings me up to date.

Please begin by saying what went wrong at the import operation. The goal at that screen would have been to select one of the three and import it. But what opened up was the folder for which I was making rules.

Screenshot of folder you need to access to import configurations.

Firewall configuration shown

[attachment deleted by admin]

Ok, this screen shot is a big help.

I was hung up at the Comodo preselected folder which was a different program file (from that setuo.) The equivalent would be only showing the utorrent folder.

I was able to navigate to the correct Comodo subdirectory with your screenshot help. If I select one of those cgfx
files will I lose current settings? Also they look identical. But I’m willing to follow through with you when I know this step and the next one.

No you will not lose your current settings if you chose a different name like Firewall 1 or Firewall b

You need to click Open on the bottom screenshots last post then two screenshots below for actions after.

After you have the new Configuration you need to click on it, the click the Activate button.

[attachment deleted by admin]

This much I have done. We can proceed.

Tomorrow I will have a small router to add to this setup since my adsl modem and low bandwidth service have been giving dropouts. I say this because use of a router is mentioned in the utorrent tutorial as possibly changing a configuration.

I am back on Tuesday.

I failed to setup the Trendnet TW100 4 port router. This new unit continued to flash red after I did the manufacturer setup for PPoE according to it’s manual: Wan port from Router connection to modem and my two ethernet connections from NICs to the router.

I had a chat with my ISP service but their only concern is that internet is received here.

I have submitted a helpdesk ticket to Trendnet and attached my ipconfig info in a text file. Frankly I was happy I could do that much.

This message is to catch me up and get Comodo working with the new gear. It’s a simple wired router. I do not know where the error is.

For the time being can we just proceed with Comodo Firewall setup on a Zoom ADSLx5 modem? I will need to know if it’s router portion needs to be used: accessing the Zoom setup screen. From problem described above on a Trendnet I have learned that this ISP provided Zoom modem cannot be accessed through the usual method of addressing the 192.168. … etc address and logging in. The Zoom may have to be replaced if this is required. I know the Zoom commands and have seen their pdf manual.

A bump for this thread on setting up Comodo for use with the fileshare progs.

My hardware is now stable. The router is no longer on the system. What is working fine with no dropouts is a replacement single port Actiontec model GT701 dsl modem with F/W and a D-link Gigabyte four port switch.

Can we proceed with the guide or should I go ahead and do the procedure in Comodo and then check for errors?