Troubles with Search Indexing and Outlook 2007 Indexing

Installed CIS in Windows XP SP3 last night after years without a firewall. It’s good work. Acknowledgement to the fellows at Comodo.

Experiencing a difficulty with indexing for Windows Desktop Search 4.0, a MS product that is part of the Power Toys add ons for XP. The program gives a little bit of the Windows 7 type of indexing and power when it comes to search, and I have learned to rely on the program. Been working on configuring CIS for this system, but I can’t get the indexing for the search program to initiate. Same problem in Outlook 2007. Indexed searches fail. I am receving two error messages. Most annoyingly they appear on each boot or each time I start one of the two programs. Here are the errors:

  1. Waiting to receive indexing status (System Tray notification)
  2. The instruction at “0x6001b35d” referenced memory at “0x0b6c1000”. The required data was not placed into memory because of an I/O error status of “0x00009c”. Click on OK to terminate the program. Click on CANCEL to debug the program. (Gray error message box)

Purely based on the timing of this problem, it appears to me that Comodo must be somehow initiating the error messages, although they are standard Windows error boxes.

There are 4 processes that I know of associated with the Windows Desktop Search program. They are WindowsSearch.exe (Initiator), SearchIndexer.exe, SearchFillterHost.exe, and SearchProtocolHost.exe. I have made all of these “Allowed Processes” using the Task Menu for the firewall. Still when I boot (it’s an autorun) I get the errors. Also, when I try to start the program from the Start Menu they appear, too. I get the second error message when opening Outlook 2007. I have also “allowed” Outlook.exe.

Again, really good work. I have learned alot over the last 24 hours about security working with the program.

Solution to this problem:

If you have MS XP powertoy Windows Desktop Search 4.0 on Windows XP SP3, this can apparently happen. Installing CIS disables the Indexing service in Windows, and the service cannot be restarted manually. This caused indexing and indexed searches to crash for the Windows Desktop Search program and for MS Office Outtlook 2007.

Exit Comodo Internet Security->Reinstall the Windows Desktop Search 4.0 program (available freely from Microsoft…DO NOT uninstall the previous installation)->Start the program from the XP start menu

Service should be restored and on reboot indexing will autorun as normal, provided it has been selected to autorun, which it should be by default with the reinstall. If you had saved locations, they should still be there, but they will need to be reindexed. If you have Office Outlook 2007, indexing will be restored as soon as your mail has been indexed…