troubles with new version

Hi everyone, I’m having a real problem running the newest version of CFP, and could use some help. I’ll describe what is happening:
I downloaded the latest version.
I ran the installer, and was prompted to remove the existing version, and clicked ‘yes’.
I watched what I thought was the uninstall process.
I ran the installer.
When I restarted, I got this message: Error: could not load C:\Program File\Comodo\Firewall\cfpres.dll . Please check if application installation folder has this file. Aborting application.
I have tried to uninstall using the windows uninstaller, but get the same message. In fact, I get this message if I try to open the installer, or click on the CFP icon on my desktop.

I read USSS’s uninstall instructions and can’t even perform the easy version! Is there an easy way out of this? I’d appreciate any help, thanks.

Welcome to the forums, bshaw. I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems.

If you haven’t done so, attempt to uninstall CFP in Safe Mode. When you do so, you might discover that you have already removed a number of files such that a regular uninstallation routine (using Control Panel > Add/Remove Software) will fail. If this is the case, I would follow the full set of steps to remove all traces of CFP. Unfortunately, there may be no “easy” way out of this, but there’s a better chance you will be able to reinstall CFP v3, or if you prefer, v2.

You should allot about an hour to complete all of the steps in Safe Mode. However, do NOT attempt to reinstall any version of CFP in Safe Mode. Certain drivers needed for installation will not load in that environment.

Good luck, and post back with your results.


Are all other Firewalls uninstalled? (except for Windows FW)

You could try using the search function to find anything related to Comodo (unless you use other Comodo products) and deleting it, then try reinstalling.

I’d also run CCleaner, if you use that, before trying to reinstall.

Thank you Steve and Hikertrash–I’ll try to get to it tomorrow evening and let you know. Not even sure if I am knowledgeable enough to execute those instructions, I’m just an average user. May have to call my tech buddy, this is a bit of a bummer.

By the way Hiker, no other firewalls (zone alarm is completely cleaned out for six months) and I’m running AVG and Spyware Doctor, XP sp2.

Thanks for your replies and I’ll give it a go. Bryan