Troubles with IE9 upgrade & Vengine

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I decided to post in !ot! , because as far as I can see Vengine is another most likely dying/ abandoned product by Comodo (?)

At least many users are reading OT section here :slight_smile:

Well, in order to make a short conclusion :

The culprit of all my (rather my clients’) troubles as I discovered were related to one and only Vengine … more precisely - it’s Shell Extension

Use ShellExView by Nirsoft to find it

The Event Log Entries which were not easy to get due to circumstances where stupid MS Windows Explorer deep system integration involved were… - see attached

Uninstalling Vengine and/or disabling that Shell Extension was not a trivial stuff, believe me, taking into account that Windows Explorer is nonfunctional as stated in the referred thread. Therefore you cannot use Add/Remove and basically anything that involves Windows Explorer
When you use Revo, guess what happens on win 7 x64? - the Uninstaller will lead you through … hmmm… 88) - Installation (!!!) procedure. Yes … and so on and so forth

Anyway, eventually (you don’t need 2 pages of “how”, I hope ) I was able to get read of Vengine.
I do not entirely blame Comodo, but still, dear developers, please check at least VE uninstaller

Now Internet Explorer v9 is in place / Windows Explorer is working fine / several win 7 x64 systems are functional again. Amen!


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I went thru ‘scannow’ and showed no problems. I addressed Vengine thru CCleaner, and had the same problem. When attempting to get rid of Vengine, it just installs it, not allowing me an option to eliminate it…

How do I get rid of Vengine with no access to Control Panel?

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Hi CalBob,

1st please remove your e-mail and never ever post your e-mail addresses into any open forum… unless you are deliberately waiting for troubles :wink:

======= Then, regarding the matter

  1. Please see Vengine section of the forum There are several discussions about this incompatibility;

  2. you did not provide any info about your system, (OS; platform; security installed; browser; etc.) therefore advices may be misleading;

  3. to make it a bit easier for you (amongst other threads regarding the matter) please have a look here… again pay attention to OS differences;

So, basically, it may depend on the system you are using, but as a short advice:

If Vengine is sill installed

  • Stop it running at sys startup;
  • disable / remove IE add-on
  • Reboot
  • Delete Vengine’s folder. That will eliminate VengineIE32.dll , which should not be active at this stage
  • use Registry Cleaner of you choice

You should be fine after that … 88) I hope

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