This is the worst program ever. It totally made my computer unusable! PC World will get a nasty email today for recommending it.  And I will cancel my subscription to PC World.  They can't be trusted either.

Hi adserv

Sorry you are having trouble. Can you please let us know what the problem is and we will be happy to help you. We have some very knowledgeable people here that can walk you through any troubleshooting and solutions.


i have been using comodo with antivirus free addition for a few month and it does take a bit of geting use to when installing new software but now i would not be without it.
my only worry is since installing i have done a virus scan every week and found nothing but that could mean the firewall is doing its job.
i have it running in safe mode and i find its great being told when a program is trying to write a file on your pc.
its a shame when people have no patience to read a bit of the help files.
i for 1 would give you people the thumbs up for the work you do :ilovecomodo: