Trouble with Thunderbird email


Today I installed Comodo v3…all seems fine except it is blocking my Thunderbird email app, even though i told Comodo to allow it to connect when I installed Comodo. I know that Comodo is the problem because I uninstalled Comodo and Thunderbird connected fine repeatedly.

Any suggestions on how to get this corrected?

Any help would be appreciated…

I’m running Windows XP Media Edition with Serv Pack2 and the latest version of Thunderbird.

TB should work out of the box after one or two allow replies when using it for the first time.You might want to try the following:

Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy ->Double-ClickTB Appl → Copy From → Predefined Security Policies → Email Client → Select Apply on each open CFP window until you are back at the advanced menu.


What exactly version of CFP?

Does Cisco VPN Client work properly when firewall and defense+ are disabled (rightclick on icon in tray → disabled)?

If no, does TB work properly when firewall is disabled, defense+ is disabled permanently (D+ ->advanced->D+ settings; don’t forget to reboot computer after that)?