Trouble with the last 2 versions of comodo

I have had to uninstall the 2 latest versions of comodo as they will not run on my PC. They slow down the machine and comodo is hogging all the cpu resources and the pc freezes evry time I try to open a file or run an application. Comodo seems to be running all the time!

Also when I try to download the latest virus update it takes hours.

I cannot run Lotus Organizer. I get an error message that says “Attempt to access Invalid Address” when I try to access this program. It will not run until I uninstall comodo.

The strange this is I managed to run version 3 of comodo for the last 10 months without any trouble whatsoever.

I am running Winxp with SP2 and its a 32 bit application whatever that might mean :-[

All help much appreciated :smiley:

This is fixed with the .531 release.

After installing CIS there is a big download for the AV database waiting of approx 40 MB by now. When you are on a slow connection the whole process of updating takes quite some time unfortunately.

With regards to the performance issues. Was that constant? The reason I ask is that with 3.8 changing or saving a new rule would let CIS hog the CPU for easily 10-15s with bigger rulesets. That changed with 3.9 that had changes to the ruleset storage and it was recommnended not to import previous configurations.

What other security programs do you have running in the background together with CIS?

Eric J h
Please bear with me as I am not technically minded at all. I was running AVG Free at the same time, and
thnking that might be part of the trouble I uninstalled AVG Free and reinstalled Comodo 3.10.101801.529.
Unfortunately it has made not the slightest bit of difference.

My PC freezes every time I click on something whether it be Internet Explorer, a file or try and open a program

Heffe D
How would I get the .531 release if I decided to percevere

If I can’t get it to run right Would I be alright with reinstalling V3 which never gave me any trouble

The only major thing to concern yourself with if you choose to use an older version is the AV database format is no longer supported. If you are not using the AV part of CIS, then this does become an option for you.

I downloaded and installed the version Heffe D recommended and it stopped the trouble with Lotus, but it was causing problems with Microsoft Money.

Apart from that I was having exactly the same problems as with all the other versions I have tried. Unfortunately I will have to stop using Comodo or go back to Version 3.

If I run Comodo V3 alongside AVG Free would I be fully protected?

Did u tried using fresh install of 3.10.xxxxx.531 ? if not try it & add softwares like microsoft money(with whom u getting problems) as “Trusted application”.
As far as i know as you wanna try alternative as Avg free is not effective to protect you against malwares better will be avira or avast if you gonna try it, but as i see Comodo antivirus now improved alot it also detects malwares miseed by other reputed antivirus, such as avira, avast, etc.