Trouble with Office XP instal

I have installed with no problems, but when I try the next step I run into a problem.

Setting up buttons for easy signing / encryption abilities from a New Message toolbar:

  1. Click New Message button
  2. Select Tools from menu
  3. Select Customize from drop down menu

My “Customize” link is greyed out [ not a clickable link]

Anyone have any ideas ? Many Thanks.

From your information, let me just confirm you are using Microsoft Outlook version 2002, correct?

Yes I am, BUT…
[and thanks for the quick response]
I have found the problem…
For anyone else encountering this same issue…

Open Outlook Mail
Tools —> Options —> Mail Format
Use Micrsosft Word to …

And, as they say in the classics, the rest is history…

I’m away from my PC with Outlook on it, but have you tried using the customize option from the main interface and configuring it through there?