trouble with internet connection after installing Win7 service pack 1

I am very grateful for all security of comodo software and more because of 24 hours support by Geek Buddy
After installing service pac 1 for win 7, I can not update my antivirus, neither I can connect to Geek Buddy.
What should I do?
I can connect to internet as before, but only I have this trouble with comodo.
Please send answer to my email or at least a notification.
Thanks in advance

Hi saeed Iranzad, welcome to the forum

You did not provide enough info about your system

What is a platform?
Do you have a whole Comodo Suite or just a Firewall?
What version?

The above info is important irrespectively whether you are dealing with Geek Buddy or raising a ticket at Comodo Support

Since you posted into the open forum most likely in order to get some help from Comodo users - that info is needed as well.

SP 1 was installed on several win7 x64 using on-line update - no issues whatsoever.
but all of those PCs are running Comodo Firewall v3 (the latest) only (! important)
The AV solutions are different : Emsisoft Anti Malware full Suite or Avira Personal or Avast the latest v6

You said: “can not update my antivirus”. What is your AV ?

In some cases , when you are installing such crucial update as SP , that is highly recommended to:

  • download Off-line installer;
  • disconnect;
  • Properly (stressing!) shutdown all existing security (no startups; no services - all disabled);
  • reboot;
  • install SP;
  • Reboot;
  • re-enable all dismissed security

The MS advice re: installing such things as SP is written clearly “black on white” - disable AV
That is for sure correct, despite that’s not entirely true (what is entirely true - see above)

That is especially apply to those users who (let me say it bluntly) are stupid enough leaving auto-quarantine/auto delete options in their AV

My regards