Trouble with CIS on Lenovo Edge 15?

Hi all,

on Monday I got a new laptop, a Lenovo Edge 15 and CIS was on of the first applications I installed on it. For some reason it slowed the laptop down to a crawl. Mainly, the starting of applications became ridiculously slow, like for instance right clicking on the desktop and choosing gadgets took like a minute to actually fire up the application.

I didn’t do much anything for the default settings except disabled sandbox. The laptop has Windows 7 Professional x64.

Anyone know what could have caused this? I’m currently using Windows firewall, but I’d like to get back to CIS if I could get it to work normally.


Lenovo Edge 15 (nice laptop BTW ;)) is supplied preloaded with Norton Internet Security. Did you disable or uninstall it before installing CIS?


Yeah, It prompted me in the first startup if I wanted to install Norton and I said no. In the past I have found such products rather heavy weight and I was aiming to install CIS anyway.

Before I found what was bringing the performance down, I went trough all running services and processes and - perhaps a little surprisingly - there wasn’t all that much pre-installed “bloatware” going on.

Also, the processor and memory seemed almost idle, yet starting applications took really, really long. I did also check power mangement to see that I wasn’t on some power-save mode.

I even contacted the reseller about these speed issues, before I started uninstalling everything I had put in. For some reason things got a lot faster, when I uninstalled CIS. It’s as if it was checking every command with great accuracy before letting them run. And yet, Defense+ and firewall were at very low settings and sandbox disabled, as mentioned.

I sure hope I could solve this issue with CIS, I have a small home network and previously things have worked wonderfully with CIS on every computer.

As a test, can you please uninstall CIS and then reinstall it, but only install the firewall component (FW onyl install).

If this does not induce the slowdown, uninstall CIS and reinstall, but just the AV with D+ (Full AV install).

If this doen not induce the slowdown, uninstall CIs and reinstall with all components but before rebooting, open CIS and disable D+ permanently (FW and AV only install).

I realize this is a long winded way around things, but a logical, methodical approach is important in tracking down odd issues like this.

Let me know how this works out.

Ewen :slight_smile:


I will try that out, it’s better to figure it out properly, than keep using Windows firewall. But that will have to wait until Monday - I’ll post here the results.

NP - out of curiousity, does your laptop have a fingerprint scanner?? I do know that the biometrics on HP laptops can cause D+ to throw a hissy fit until it’s configured properly.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Nope, this one doesn’t - I guess it was available as an option, but I wouldn’t really have use for it (I’m not that much on the road).

Overall, I don’t think there’s any special hardware on this computer. It does have the usual wi-fi radios (which I also don’t really need and they are turned off), but other than that, it’s quite basic. It was the only laptop within in my budget with i5 processor and a 64-bit Windows :slight_smile:


Possibly the best value laptop going around, considering the CPU, RAM and HDD. Very nice screen on it too. Good choice!! :-TU