Trouble when saving settings with

Hi! I meet with a trouble about saving changes for COMPUTER SECURITY POLICY.
I add a new predefined group in PREDEFINED SECURITY POLICIES. Then I set some applications to the new-added group, apply.
What make me crazy is, that next time I try to config Computer Security Policy, the applications I just configed still stay in “Custom Policy”.
I repeat configing once, then check, some changes apply, but some still stay in the same state as before.
I don’t kown how to solve this problem, or rather it’s a bug in V3? ???

OS:Windows XP Professional SP3 v.3244
The diagnostics utility could not find any problems of my installation.

More details:
It seemed to be all the changes applied (becuase the custom policy is as same as the new-added group policy) but in Computer Security Policy it displayed as “custom policy”.
So I guess it may be some problem of Predefined Security Policies and Computer Security Policy.
Best regards.