Trouble updating AV database behind authenticated proxy

hi, today i downloaded the latest version of CIS and installed on my PC - windows XP SP2. After installation i checked the version of CIS and the virus definition. They are:

CIS : 3.5.57173.439
Virus Signature database version : 668

So i tried to update the vrus database…but the software returned an error asking me to check my internet connection. My connection to the internet is through a proxy…how to configure this detail in CIS?

CIS uses the IE proxy settings, so if you set that to your proxy server it should be able to update you to version 771 then it will ask for a reboot, after that it should update to 837 or later.

hi Ronny,

thank you for the reply…

the proxy settings are already configured in my internet explorer settings. Moreover when i click ‘Check for Updates’ in the Miscellaneous menu CIS asks for the proxy username and password and then connects to the net and gives a message like no updates available. When i try to Update Virus Database from the Antivirus menu CIS immediately gives a message asking me to check the connection…

Any help…

thank you

Mmm your using proxy with authentication, I’m not sure if CIS av updates can handle that.
Is there any other way you could update ? temporarily disable the proxy etc ? or use a proxy that does not need authentication ?

i need to check with our system admin… Will CIS add this feature in future releases, any idea?

thanks again…

P.S.: any option to manually update the virus definition??

Hello Santhanu,

I have split the post because it looks like we could have a problem here, maybe other users can confirm that it works or does not work with authenticated proxy servers.

Manual update is only possible if you have an other system where you can successfully update after that you can copy the c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\scanners\bases.cav file to your other computer and restart.
After that it should run the new version.

Comodo does not (at the moment) provide a separate download of the detection file.
(Could be a nice one on the wishlist :wink:

thank you …

I shall check with our system admin to see whether something can be done for the time being… till somebody helps with a solution.

finally i updated my virus definition files by copying the file from my home pc - ofcourse i had to install CIS in my home pc. Hope Comodo Team will come up with a real solution to my problem…

WOW… u hv done it.
I updated my CIS to the latest version 3.8.64739.471 today and now i am able to update my virus definitions online.

Thank you … (V)

Thanks for reporting back :-))