Trouble turning pc back on

Yesterday, I downloaded Comodo’s free firewall, and turned the computer off after downloading because it told you to restart. However, I just turned it off, and when I turned it back on this morning, the startup sequence happened once, and then repeated itself. Is this something to be concerned about?

So, Is That Your System Is On A Restart Loop Now ?

just for a little background, I’m a pretty big noob, I don’t think it is on a loop. on the second startup, it stopped and is working like normal.

Still Its Working Normal, Nothing Is There To be Much Concerned About. However, What You Have Mentioned Is Something Which Shouldn’t Happen Normally

Alright, I wasn’t sure if there was a problem that really needed to be corrected.

However, when the computer started back up correctly, a window said something about “file not found” and referenced antispyware files. Is there a chance that Comodo interferes with Spybot search and destroy?

Not On All The Cases That CIS And Spybot Have Some Conflicts. Myself Have Seen Many Users Using CIS And Spybot Without Any Issues. Since You Have Mentioned That You Get Some Message That Files Not Found, I Would Request You To Check With The Quarantined Items, If There Is Any File Related To The Error And Let Us Know.

How exactly would I do that?

This Is Were You Need To Check

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