Trouble Restoring Encrypted File Generated by COMODO Backup

Hi my sister is running on a Windows Vista Home OS, and last night I backed up the entire hard drive using blowfish encryption and password protected the files as a *.CBU to a dedicated external HDD, this morning I reformatted with a fresh factory install of Vista Home. I had planned on restoring only files and folders I “marked as needed” and managed to restore the file with correct password and stored it in a dedicated folder, it is the correct file size in bytes but there is one problem, the file(s) are “Still Locked”, for example one of them is a *.txt document/file and when i go to open/execute the file in Notepad.exe I get “Access Denied” and it is blank. I am new to Vista and it’s security settings as this isn’t my computer that I backed up but my sisters. It would be really great if someone out there had a similar problem/experience with restoring encrypted files generated by COMODO Backup and has a solution???


This is probably caused by NTFS security settings.
Go to the root folder right click properties → security → advanced → Owner → make sure the correct owner is set, then check “replace owner in subntainers” → click apply.
After that you can edit security settings in security TAB to make sure you have enough privileges.


 Thank you for the input, I'll deffinately give that a try later this evening when her computer is available. I did look at the the individual file's properties->security->advanced the other night but had no idea how to do the conversion as you have described, I'll let you know how it turns out. 

Thank you very much,