Trouble installing with XP Pro x64

I ran CIS just fine with Vista x64 but I just tried installing CIS 3.0 on Windows XP Pro x64 SP2 and I got two or three warnings, I believe about driver signing, during install. It did finally end up installing it but I had to abort my Total Uninstall installation monitoring during the process.

Are the warnings normal or is there a way around them?

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Do you have a screen shot of this alert?

If you mean something like the image below?

For This Comment/Issue

but I had to abort my Total Uninstall installation monitoring during the process.
I believe that there isn't a solution that i know of,

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No I don’t have a screen shot but I’m pretty sure that the screen your showing is the one I get. If it happens again, I will take a screen shot and post it.

So your saying that I will be getting some type of message like this, but just to ignore it and proceed with the installation anyway?

I would say yes, you would be fine. This warning is like the WHQL driver warnings… the only “issue” is that it hasn’t received Microsoft’s testing and “seal of approval”… the Comodo “seal of approval” is all I need :slight_smile: I actually turn off the WHQL checking because I don’t need MS babysitting my decisions.

I use WinXP x64, and run CIS 3.5 without issues. It’s been too long since my install to recall if I had MS popups or not during the install. It’s not an error, just Comodo didn’t ask Bill if it was OK to court your PC. ;D

If you want to turn the MS drivel off like I did…

  • Right-click My Computer
  • Choose Properties
  • Switch to the Hardware tab
  • Click the Driver Signing button in the Drivers section
  • Choose Ignore and check the “Make this the default action” checkbox
  • Click OK to close both windows and save the change
  • Celebrate the fact that MS is no longer whispering nothings into your ear :wink:

m0ng0d…Thanks for the tip on how to turn off driver signing in XP. I’m like you and feel that we don’t need more stupid gizmo’s like that to clutter up even more of an already cluttered operating system. Data Execution Prevention is probably another that’s pretty worthless and one that I will probably get tired of one of these days and turn off for good!