Trouble installing latest Beta (2.3.3

I installed Comodo and after rebooting it said it was not running in safe mode. All the settings were off and could not be turned on. There was no warning of this unsafe mode in the tray. Rebooting had no effect. I had to uninstall then install again. On rebooting it was working correctly.

It failed to allow Mozilla 1.7.13 to connect via Proxomoriton although it did allow Firefox to do so. Both of the former ones had to be deleted to allow it to connect correctly.

Whilst I think about the EULA on install does not have any word wrap on it and you have to scroll across to read it, or copy and paste it to Notepad.

Just want to add to this.

I have the learning mode turned off so would expect to be asked about every application. There is no mention of Firefox or Mozilla being allowed although they are. I also use Opera. There was a pop up but Opera happily connected and I could browse at will, then the pop up dissappeared.

I really have no faith in this f/w at all .

First please report your operating system. Second, there is no warning that CPF uses SAFE word at all. If those options are not editable, then this means CPF could not be installed properly. If it is not installed properly, then it can not show you any popup because it is not working. And in this case, tray icon should raise a baloon box with a red icon and warn you.

If it is installed and working correctly, by default, it has “Do not show alerts for applications certified by COMODO” option enabled. Unless you disable this option(during installation or by going security->advanced->miscellaneous section), it wont show you any alert for safe applications.

If you can describe your problem more accurately, we can understand what is going on.


Thanks for the reply. Should have given more details - sorry. I am using Win 2k sp4.

There was no balloon pop up showing that it was unsafe. A second install did get it working correctly. This same thing happened in an earlier version.

In view of my later comments I lost confidence in the f/w and removed it.

Thank you for the feedback,

We will try to reproduce and see whats going on.


This sounds similar to my experience – when you click on the tray icon, then select the “Summary” page, the “Protection Strength” is solid red, and nothing can be turned on from either an administrative or user account. In my case, this happened after two different installations. In both cases when I logged-on after the post-install reboot, I logged on first to a user account. I also used “Run As” administrator (in a user account) in both cases. The first time it happened, I right-clicked on the CPF_Setup.exe, selected “Run As” and ran the installer as Administrator. After rolling that back, I right-clicked on Windows Explorer, selected “Run As”, ran Windows Explorer as Administrator, and installed Comodo from there. The Third time was the charm-- I installed Comodo from an Admin account, then logged onto an Admin account first after the post-install reboot.

So far, Comodo seems like a keeper. (I just removed Zone Alarm Pro).