Trouble installing Comodo Firewall on Windows XP Pro (SP3)

So I was foaming at the mouth with anticipation. Comodo Firewall had been installed, or so I thought. All that remained was to restart the system at which point I hit a brick wall. The three blue blocks beneath the Windows logo travelled from left to right interminably. After fifteen minutes had elapsed I realised that it wasn’t going to proceed further.

Something is choking on a driver I imagine. Any clues as to what I could do to persuade a successful restart?

I had previously uninstalled Agnitum Outpost Pro version 4. I also uninstalled Threatfire in case of conflict. The system had a restart and the registry was cleaned up before attempting to install Comodo Firewall. Avast! version 4.8-1356 is in use.

Try restarting in Safe Mode… tap the F8 key, once a second, after restarting until it boots up into Safe Mode… hopefully… and let the more informed members know if you were able to start up in Safe Mode and what CIS was saying.

Also, while in Safe Mode, if CIS starts up, run an AV complete scan. It is supposed to do this during the installation or upon restarting… I forget since it’s been so long… but possibly you have some malware that is blocking the installation. That’s another thing that may help with a Safe Mode startup, is that the malware may not block CIS in Safe Mode.

I’ve been using Comodo’s firewall for several years and CIS for the past year or so but I’m far from being an expert and only recently started reading the forums since I’m having a minor issue with my firewall settings.

Lenny V.