Comodo picked this up twice yesterday on my netbook.

Any idea what it is … and what i need to do next ?

Details are :-

C:\Documents and Settings.…\Local Settings\Temp\QUyaghg3.exe.part



Since it is in your temp files is more than likely not needed. Simply let the AV quarantine it.

Thanks for the reply.

If it helps anyone , I found out that the file causing the problem was downloaded from

If it is from cnet, the file was most likely a false positive.

Thanks … I’m being to suspect “false positive”, as it just happened again while browsing “Hotmail” with firefox.

C:\Documents and Settings.…\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\8z2x1o1i.default\Cache\CF9FF5C7d01

Moved this to FP board.

Hi friartuck,

If you can find the FP file,you can submit through this link:Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year we can go to have a look at it.

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Thanks … I’ve now posted one of the files


The false-positive is already fixed with DB 2767. You can check and confirm.