CIS 5 Beta
Av Defs 5598

TrojWare.Win32.Spy.Banker.Gen@105147776 C:\Windows.old.000\Program Files\moneyplex\moneyplex.exe

I have uploud the File about your webformular to you

Hi Mops21,

We will check this and back to you shortly.
Thanks for inform.

Kind regards,
Erik M.

Hi Mops21,

Reported FP has been fixed in DB 5601. Please update and confirm it.

Kind Regards,
Erik M.

This issue is not fixed see the virustotal link of it

I send the file to you

Update the virus definition, please keep in mind that virustotal is not updated every second!


Okay thank you very much

You’re welcome ;D

How mean you are welcome

Thank you very much is fixed the FP