The program is FormatFactory the website is here and the file comodo said was a virus is in C:\Windows\DownloadedProgramFiles\isetup.EXE why I am posting here is I can’t access that file to send to you but I did send it via comdo’s false positive tab. so it that did not work it is here as well.

6-27-2010 I found out through Comodo virus scan the TrojWare.Win32.CryptCFI.gen[at]107309096 was detected in my PC system .Like usually I labeled them as quarantined files. But I COULD NOT SUBMIT THEM for Comodo analysis.
What it means?

Excellent I am NOT going crazy and I did disable the AV you still can’t send it which is why I made the post in the first place!

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Maybe it might help you if I say when installing I ran it in the sandbox. info on the file you have

more info

A-Squared found nothing when I scanned the folder

I just downloaded and installed FormatFactory on my VM and that file is not located there, there is no file here C:\Windows\DownloadedProgramFiles. I even searched the whole hard drive for isetup.exe and nothing.

Hmmmmm NOT good! In saying that there was no file with the name of isetup in that folder when CIS saying saying it was there. Weird or what?

well CIS never reported the file being there for me. Is the file there for you? I suspect it is becasue you said you don’t have access to it.

When I first tried to send it, windows said I needed permission blah blah blah ok fine, I thought maybe it was because I was using a user account. I kept on trying and now I can access the folder. (Not sure how I can now and could not before but hay ho.) So I looked for the file isetup but there are only four or so files there. I can go one better here are the files. (That file is now in quarantine) but even when it was not I still only had the same amount of files in that folder.

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I have NO idea why the top file is damaged if you know then your a better person then I am, in saying that tho I have never checked that folder before so that file may of been damaged for quite a while.