okay i ran a scan with my comodo internet security,and was shown trojans in my windows\temp folder.
the names of these were CAV.tmp files.
after removing these i looked into the windows\temp folder and i see…aswUpdsum that one is apparently to do with avast update.i still have in this temp folder files named…
GoogleToolbarInstaller1 which is a text document
are these othe CAV files safe or have they been missed by the scan?

Hi cytronix,

Please submit the files at Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis so we can check it.


iv’e tried to submit files,CAVC.tmp,CAVB.tmp,CAVA.tmp the files wont upload,i get submission error when trying to send them to comodo.there are another 3 of these types of files that seem to appear and disapear now and then. (confused) even if these were old registry files should this not be cleaned by ccleaner?

sorry about that,finally the files are uploading.

thank you

???i am encountering these cav…tmp files since past month
comodo antivirus used to recognize them as malware and used to clean/quarantine them
but now it doesnt detects them, but these files still exist in my system tmp folder
and ccleaner takes over an hour to clean them
i tried to detect with spyware doctor and it also kinda freezes over these files and takes a hell of time to scan each file but finds nothing, malware bytes does the same.
and since this tmp files thing which started happenin since past month my internet disconnects often whenever some scanner bumps onto these files to clean or scan them
spybot seek and destroy while cleaning tmp files also hangs
are these files named cav generated from comodo antivirus or what . is this some kinda glitch or what
and i read somewhere in the fourm that some guy used ccleaner 4 to clean them up and it works fine…
i dont understand the thing that ccleaner 3.2 version is the latest one so where is this 4 or beta or whatever it is
anyway plz kindly tell me if this is false positive thing or what
and how to get rid of it so that ccleaner, malware bytes, spybot etc softwares dont hang my pc.

Is this problem solved? If not you can upload the files to a file sharing site like sendspace and send me a link to the file. Just don’t post it online.

Then I can report them and get them fixed.