TrojanHunter Warning

I also use TrojanHunter and CounterSpy. In the last couple of days when CounterSpy, either on auto or manual, connects for an update, it results in Comodo popping up a warning saying that “TH Guard has modified the parent application SBCS Tray.exe in memory. This is typical of Virus, Trojan, Spyware behaviour…concealing behaviour to connect to internet…”
I trust both these applications and am satisfied they are safe but what is it that Comodo is telling me that TH has done? I’m not sure that I expect it to do anything to CounterSpy.

This is my not quite off-the-wall speculation, having read over the TrojanHunter product description and my user-perspective understanding of how works.

It sounds like TrojanHunter is changing its invocation method during an update, and that CFP with its version of invocation checking, is noticing that change, and alerting you that something CFP doesn’t recognize is going on. The change that TrojanHunter is doing, could be simply unplugging itself, so that it can update, and then plugging itself back in when done. Again, just my speculation.

This sounds correct as a program’s signature will change when updated. Which would explain why you would get the warnings.

So I am sure it is nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.