"trojan.winlogon.exe" found on 3 notebooks during comodo-installation process

If you only Quarantined it and didn`t remove it you can remove it from quarantine.Highlight Click “Remove” and “Apply”.This will only remove from quarantine not from your computer.



Thanks for the response. I turned off the system restore :frowning:
How can I get the file out of quarantine when windows is not starting anymore? As it is I get a bluescreen before I can login.
I could access all files if I use knoppix but would that help to get that file out?

Can you boot into “Safe Mode”,if so you could delete comodo V3 then re-install.Or there`s last Known good configuration.


Never turn off system restore especially when it can be beneficial like now.

Thanks alot for helping. The last known good configuration in safe mode did it.
And now the system restor is back up, too.