Trojan Virus not detected by Comodo

I had Mal/Azber-A (trojan virus) on my PC. It has now been removed using Sophos Anti-Virus, but not before I had done a full Comdo scan which failed to find it. Could the Comodo Development team please add this to their database? It is a particularly annoying virus, as it slows everything down, causes the screen to freeze and prevents programs from closing.

You have to post a virustotal link of the file in question here
First upload it to virustotal to test it with 45+ AV scanners Then post the virustotal link in the link above, Comodo will be able to analyse it and add it to database if found to be malware.

did you try CCE?

Also upload the file here to get the file by Comodo experts

Are you running Comodo Internet Security & the system was infected with that trojan?

What setting do you have on Behavior Blocking? If it is default Partially Limited I suggest you increase either to Restricted or why not Fully Virtualized .

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