Trojan removal help

Alright so yesterday, i decided to give firefox a go. Accidentaly clicked on a pop up which resulted in many and comodo said that a trojan is trying to access my files, I denied access. I scanned with Eset and Malawarebytes and they have found nothing. Is it because Comodo firewall already blocked/removed it?

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Indeed. The logs indicate that you chose to disinfect it. You did the right thing.

but why is it that my drivers have new folders? in the pics

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The AV logs show no activity towards c:\drivers.

Can you take a look at the drivers folder and see what is in it? Check properties of files to see the publishers of files? They may be related to Dell.

Downloaded GMER and it found 2 maalware in HKEY. i right clicked one of the files ( the volume one) and it was made in January 2009. The first time i have seen it in the C and D drive. And i visit them regularly. And a $avg folder. i never had AVG

I’m just going to re-install my OS. My volume doesn’t even work now.

Are you still having problems?

If you haven’t reinstalled yet then you can check out the advice I give here.

Please let me know how it went.


u should avoid gmer as it is too complex to use and try using tools like tdsskiller and aswmbr :wink:

Please notice this is an old topic…

oops!!! sorry… :cry: