Trojan protection

(:AGY)Hello Comodo claims to battle trojans with the firewall version 3.0 i was very disappointed that mine system was infected with an bloody trojan that an keylogger was mine anti-spyware detected the trojan. One of the biggest failures of comodo is that the firewall doens’t protect your privacy, active-x scripts that are dangerous has an free ride to the system, refererr is not blocked so tracing your webinterest is very easy, als tracking cookies have free ride so the protection is good but not so good we must believe the system can become very simple infected with any kind of malware if the settings are not changed every firewall must fully control outbound traffic an firewall in learning mode that allow trojans to install is an big an big danger Outpost Pro does an better job.


If the trojan would’ve tried to run, you should’ve got an warning, except if you have Defense+ in Clean PC Mode (or disabled).
If it’s in Clean PC Mode, everything (including malware) that was installed before you installed CFP 3, will be treated as trusted. The reason for why it’s named Clean PC Mode, is that it should be used if you’re almost 100% that there’s no malware on your computer.
So what modes did you use for Defense+ and the firewall?

If the ActiveX-scripts in some way tries to modify/delete important files, or create own files, Comodo will warn you.
Have you personally experienced that a ActiveX caused harm to your computer?

And it’s very easy to disable in the browser if you really want to. If you do, you might be unable to download (example; ATI Display Driver), because the site checks to see if you’re really coming from or not.

Cookies might be used for other things than collecting private date. For example, you have a cookie right now, that stores your log-in information for Comodo Forums. There’s other software (like SpywareBlaster and Spybot - Search & Destroy) that’ll do this for you.

CFP 3 won’t allow a trojan to be installed, unless you allow it.


Was the Trojan there before you installed Comodo? Do you run regular virus scans and malware scans? What do you use for an AV or AS? D+ would have given you a pop up alert if the trojan was installed after you had Comodo but if you didn’t read what the alert was then you could have aloud it. Comodo cannot tell you if something is a Trojan it can only warn you about suspicious activity and its your job to apply the correct rules to stop that activity. All HIPS programs do this. Its the job of an anti virus to stop and kill Trojans.

You should be running Comodo BoClean (Also Free) alongside CPF3 if you’re wanting better Trojan Protection!

Which AV are you using?