Trojan Horse

BOClean came up with a box with this message in:-

Purity Scan49 Variant


Trojan horse do you want to delete file to stop it running again?

Is this a Trojan Horse as the computer seems fine. ???

Please send a copy of the file along with the content of the message to :
I usually zip and password protect any suspected files with the password " infected ".
You might note in the subject line “False Positive?”
Also, try uploading it to Virus Total to see if anybody else has a take on the file.

Thank you, will do as you advise. :slight_smile:

The file seems to be part of the .net framework though it may have been infected by the Purity Scan49 Variant or something… Let us know what comodo says. Do any of your other security software detect the file as malware?


I have had two Emails from Kevin. In my reply to the first Email as to how the problem occurred I stated that I had downloaded Microsoft Net Framework 1.1 and that is when I got the error.

I have had a second reply a moment ago, Kevin has found the problem and is correcting it. (:CLP)

Comodo’s replies to my Emails were prompt and efficient leaving me amazed and very, very appreciative. (CLY)