Trojan has disabled antivirus

I have a problem with a trojan disabling comodo anti-virus. I started up my PC and got an virus detect alert from comodo as soon as the pc booted advising that it had detected a trojan. It was only after I clicked quarantine that I realised it was reporting that the main comodo anti-virus was the infected file. I know cannot load comodo because it cannot find the file. all I can remember about the trojan was that it ended in .jp

How can I

a: get comodo back up and running
b: find our what the trojan is and get rid of it, presumably it is in a start up file somewhere

I am also running BOC

Thanks for your help


Do you remember if it was anything like this?

here is another one i found on google.


If you want a clean file “exe” of CAVS I can enclose it here but you should indicate what “exe” was put in quarantine.

You would have to go in the folder of the CAVS quarantine (usually it is C: \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo\Comodo AntiVirus\Quarantine) and watch for it.

Besides you could send a copy of the infected file means e-mail to:

malwaresubmit[ at ]

Hey Andrew,
your best bet would be to dld and install HijackThis. You can get it here:
You can get it checked here:
or follow the instructions given here:
and check it yourself.
If you want to post the log in this forum, I’m sure someone will look through it and help you with whatever action has to be taken.
If you can identify any suspicious files, you can upload them here: or here:
We’ll get that little fucker (:KWL)
Hope this helps,