Trojan found by av during update

Hello, during my cpf update my anti virus detected Tr/Dldr.Banlo.afm.1. Has anyone else av detected anything? thanks, tim

Timcan I’m guessing your using avast!, but I didn’t get a trojan detected. Were you doing anything else? while updating?

Hi justin, no I’m using antivir 7 on this particular computer. No, only doing firewall update at the time. I put it in quarantine and sent to antivir to be checked. Maybe a false detect?
Maybe I’ll see later if bitdefender will detect something on my other computer.

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Anti Vir can detect many False Positives. Use Virus Total to compare Anti Vir’s results with other scanners.

Timcan I am 99% sure that this is a false positive.

Well, I just updated cpf on my other computer and bitdefender didn’t detect anything so that makes me feel better.Most likely a false detection. ::slight_smile: