Trojan Downloader Win32.bak

Hello. My first post. First let me say how pleased I am with Comodo’s performance. That done, I have a question. When I first ran the Comodo a/v programme, it located and quarantined Trojan Downloader Win32.bak which was apparently hidden in my Registry Medic programme. I have been running Registry Medic for a couple of years, now, so how come I did not realise this problem was there? And just as mystifying, was it there when the programme was downloaded? I tried reinstalling Registry medic from scratch, but Comodo found Win32.bak again. The programme is unable to run without this file, apparently. Oh, and Comodo also found, and disinfected another bug, Trojan-Clicker Win.32 PAH on my Ntl medic programme, which is also now disabled. Not that it’s missed :slight_smile:
Your views appreciated, thanks.

I don’t know much about registry medic - I know as well as fixing registry issues it can remove some trojans. Perhaps CAVS is detecting these in the Registry Medic definitions database? False Positive? I have not heard of any such malware being included with registry medic so I assume CAVS is giving a false positive here…


It’s always best to google possible virus files.

Here’s what I found for Win32.bak -

Having trouble finding stuff on the 2nd one an burn my mushrooms while looking Grrrr… Might still be edible LOL

Thanks, Eric. Sorry about your eggs. :frowning: I love them. We buy from a local farmer, fresh laid, free-range. Interesting link you posted. At least my PC seems OK now.