Trojan downloader caught by Cavs and missed by Prevx!.

I was cleaning some junk files today with CCleaner and then Cavs popped up notifying me it had caught a Trojan Downloader. In view of recent " Daisy" fps of which i myself had a couple, i thought, get it checked out as it may just be another Fp.

Not this time. I sent the details across to Comodo who came back within minutes to say this was indeed a malware. The point of this is, i restored it within sandboxie and did a full scan with Prevx and what did i get NOWT!.

I am aware of the fact that no av is 100% but Cavs sometimes gets bashed from certain quarters about Fps and detection rate. I am also happy with Prevx generally, but it is nice to see Cavs kicking ■■■■ as Prevx does get heralded a lot across on Wilders and i thought why not champion Cavs for a change!.

All this protection and Version 4 to come, cant wait!.


Don’t listen to much to wilders. It’s normal that they say that Prevx is the best program, because Wilders is Prevx’s official forum. CAV is doing some catching up and I like the progress that it has made already !


Just take note that there is no Best antivirus

I would also be concerned as to why the file got on your system in the first instance though you had an updated AV.