Trojan Detected


Comodo Antivirus detects an trojan psw magania and dropper bin but i think there is no trojan but an false detection i have send the suspect file to Comodo for analisys i use Comodo Internet Securuty 64 bit version

3.14.129887.586 Virusdatabase version 3761 up-to-date

I have ignored the warning because Prevx doesn’t detect and A-Squared doesn’t detect and how do i know that the file is legal or false. See also attachement zip format.

Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit

[attachment deleted by admin]

Good day and welcome to the comodo forums.

Well if you have doubts about a file, you can let the file being scanned by various scanners. An efficient way to this is to upload the file to and similar sites… also you can do a google search and see what comes up…

If you have anymore questions, we are here to answer them for you.

Have a good day.

Hoi flokker,

Can you please upload this file here?