Trojan built to disable cloud AV

Crafty Chinese malware writers.
Microsoft has discovered a Trojan that aims to sever the connection between a device and the cloud antivirus (AV) service that is meant to protect it.

The Bohu Trojan, which targets Windows machines, contains three main functions: evade detection, install a filter that blocks traffic between the device and service provider, and prevent the local installation from uploading data to the server.

The attack appears to aim to knock out the additional layer of security that many antivirus companies have added to bolster defences and reduce the processing burden of ever-expanding signature databases.

Source [Trojan built to disable cloud antivirus - Security - Cloud - iTnews

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Sounds pretty nasty but don’t worry d+ will protect us :slight_smile:

Meh. ■■■■■ AVs anyway, stick to more reliable things like D+.

Sounds like the cloud anti-virus in question deserves to be severed if it doesnt protect you in the first place.
Sorry just a little bit of sarcasm.

+1 :-TU